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Business events

The large foyer is an additional modular space with various applications, depending on the type and size of event and weather conditions. It can be used as a café area, reception hall, Chuppah, and more.


A large panoramic projection wall can display projected backgrounds, video clips or a presentation that adds a unique and dynamic design element.


The special lighting system was customized to enhance the atmosphere and design effects. The lighting intensity can be adjusted as needed. Dozens of smart lighting elements in the inner space enable complete control of the light beams, including shape and color, and comprise an additional design element for every table. Smart lighting system, LED screens and additional light fixtures are integrated along moveable tracks above the dance floor for light and color effects that mesh with the music to create a wild and sensory-stimulating dance party.


The finishing accessories were planned and built in a modular fashion including behind the scenes technical additions as preparation for the effects and special productions. No detail was left out to give the best service, even for the most complex requests.


At Alma, every effort was made to tailor the dynamic and complex contexture to grant every customer’s wish while looking at the big picture and considering compatibility between needs and abilities.